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Owner Agreement

___I have read and understood the Dublin's Classic Labradors (DCL) health agreement.
___I will see to it that my puppy/dog receives routine veterinary care, including annual vaccinations and heartworm preventative.
___I attest that my home contains adequate space and accommodations for an active puppy/dog.
___I will "puppy proof" my home and any environment he/she frequents.
___I will ensure my puppy/dog receives regular human attention.  
___I will make sure my puppy/dog has regular exercise.
___I will provide proper nutrition (i.e., a quality dog food containing no corn, soy, or wheat) and constant access to fresh water.*
___I agree to first right of negotiation with DCL if at any point in the life of my puppy/dog I decide to rehome him/her.
___I agree not to use the puppy/dog for breeding.#
___I will not knowingly expose my puppy/dog to inhumane conditions, extreme elements, aggressive animals, mistreatment or abuse.



*See for helpful information on canine nutrition.
#We strongly recommend spaying/neutering your puppy.


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