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  • What color of Labradors do you breed?  ANSWER: We breed all three recognized colors: black, yellow, and chocolate.*

  • How much do your pups cost?  ANSWER: $2200.

  • How much is a deposit?  ANSWER: $500 to reserve a puppy.

  • What is the process for reserving a puppy?  ANSWER: A puppy is not reserved until we receive a deposit. Please realize that availability is constantly changing. If we state in conversation, for example, that we have a yellow female available, it is possible someone might place a deposit on her later the same day.  

  • How do I apply for a puppy?  ANSWER:  

  • How old are puppies when they go to their homes?  ANSWER: 8 weeks.

  • How are puppies chosen?  ANSWER: Puppies are chosen in order of deposits received. If, for example, you have placed a deposit on the 2nd black male in a litter with 3 black males, we will schedule your pickup time to follow the party with the 1st choice of those 3. You will then have the opportunity to choose from the remaining 2. The party who places the last deposit will be scheduled to follow you, at which time they will pick up the last remaining pup.

  • How do I know you aren't a scammer?  ANSWER: As you search for a Labrador puppy, you are wise to exercise caution. There are lots of dishonest breeders and outright scams going on. We are members in good standing with the Miami Valley Labrador Retriever Club (feel free to reach out to them). We also encourage you to read our Google reviews and contact us for references. We show integrity in everything we do and have been at it for over 2 decades. 

  • Do you ship puppies?  ANSWER: Sorry, but we do not ship. We want to meet our puppies' owners face to face.

  • Do you deliver puppies?  ANSWER: Depending on the circumstances, we may agree to deliver for an additional charge.

  • What comes with the puppy on "go home" day?  ANSWER: We send you home with health records, an AKC puppy pack and registration information, microchip information, a small bag of Victor Elite dog food, pro-biotic sample, and a written health guarantee.

  • What care will he/she have received?  ANSWER: Your puppy will be socialized and child conditioned, de-wormed multiple times, vet examined, have its first round of vaccinations, microchipped, nails clipped, and bathed.

  • What if I can't come on pickup day to get my puppy? Can you board my puppy for a few days?  ANSWER: For a number of reasons, it is best if each family can take their puppy home on the same day. However, if circumstances make that impossible, we will agree to board your puppy. Our children spend a lot of time with the pups and we ask that you consider a $10/day donation to them for the extra work that will be involved.

  • Are your puppies AKC registerable?  ANSWER: Yes. Our puppies are sold on a limited registration basis. 

  • What kind of toys do you recommend?  ANSWER: We ask you to avoid small toys, rope, rawhide, and real bone. Also, we are cautious about toys made in China, due to questionable ingredients. We have had the best luck with durable rubber toys, the larger the better.

  • How big will your Labradors be when full grown?  ANSWER: There can be significant variation even between pups from the same litter. That said, we attempt to conform to breed standards as specified by The Labrador Retriever Club, with males weighing 65-80 pounds and females 10 pounds lighter on average.

  • How does microchipping work?  ANSWER: Your puppy will have rice-grain shaped chip implanted under the skin (between the shoulder blades). This chip has a unique 9-digit number. If your puppy is ever lost and taken to a vet hospital or shelter, they will scan it and trace the number back to you. All you have to do is register your contact information when you take your puppy home and pay a one-time registration fee of $19.95 with the microchip company.

  • Do you have references?  ANSWER: If you are interested in a puppy from Dublin's Labradors, we will be happy to put you in touch with current owners of our dogs.

  • Do you ever have adult dogs for sale?  ANSWER: If an adult dog fails to meet our standards for breeding, we make him/her available for re-homing to qualified owners.

  • Will your dogs hunt?  ANSWER: Labs in general are born to hunt and it's a myth that English Labradors don't care for feathers. So the answer is: yes, our dogs hunt. However, if you are looking for a hard-core field dog, we will refer you to one of several American breeders we know and trust who are better able to meet your needs.

* We do not and will never breed "designer" colors such as silver, charcoal, champaign, and purple. Labradors do not come in these colors and they are not recognized by the Labrador Retriever Club. See the following article for more information: The Issue of the Silver Lab (

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